Molar Root Canal Treatment

Multiple Molar Root Canals in Single Visit This was a case of a patient from U.K. The patient came with a fractured filling. On removal of filling ,underlying decay was found.The patient did not have much pain.Both the Molar Root Canals were completed in a Single Visit.Disposable Rotary files,Lasers,Thermoplastic Gutta Core Obturation techniques were used for superior result.Diigital Xrays along with apex locators help in getting the exact configuration and result in a Pain free Treatment. Results as can be seen were just perfect.

Emergency Root Canal Treatments

Emergency Root Canal Treatment A young adult suffers injury while playing football.He falls on his face while playing football.His front teeth show signs of acute pulpitis[Inflammation of Root Canl Tissues]. He is treated with multiple Root Canl Treatment.The patient was extremly anxious at the time of his first consultaton.He was reassured and agreed to undergo the entire procedure under concious sedaton. Our Anaesthetist does a fantastic job and the treatemnt is completed in about 3 hours.This is done in our clinic The clinic is equipped with Oxygen Cylnders ,Pulse Oxmeter,Sedation and emergency drugs. The treatment was absolutely uneventfull and patient and his nearones were extremely happy !

Flexible Dentures

One of best qualities in partial Dentures is Flexible Dentures.They are made of Nylon Resin and are free of Ugly Metallic Clasp.In addition to being inconspicuous they fit the tissues like a glove.

Root Canal Treatment of Tooth in Bridge

Root Canal Treatment of Severe Curved Canals Treatment of severe curved canals of the root pose challenges.It requires not only extreme levels of skills but a lot of patence. This case was done with a lot of care because not only the root had almost 90 degree curvature  but was also going to be a part of a bridge.This was a strategic tooth for the bridge. Any falyre would require extensive Bone Augmentaton and Implant Treatment. It took us almost one and a half hour to complete this single canal Root Canal Treatment.See how beautiflly access canals are also obturated at the apex.[Tip of the Root] The tooth was subseuently used for Bridge.

Root Canal Treatment of Severely Infected Tooth with Abscess

Root Canal Treatment of Severely Infected Tooth with Abcess A aptient viits us for a general cleaning.On routine examnations and Xray a slent big abscess is detected under an infected 2nd Molar Tooth. A Root Canal Treatment is done to save the tooth.The anatomy of the root canals and Roots are found to be very difficult.A very careful approach and patience helps to get the desired result. The Tooth is treated with a perfect Root Canal Ttreatment.Abscess will heal in due course of time and the tooth will be subsequently restored.

Treatment of Severe Pain with Root Canal Treatment

Traetment of Severe Pain with Root Canal Treatment A  aptient complains of severe pain when he calls our office.His appointment is scheduled asap. On examination it is found that he has several decayed teeth.The pain is sponteneous ,without any trigger factors like chewing or drinking and especially at night. After careful examination it is decide to start the endodontic therapy[Root Canl Treatment[ right away.The root canal is opened and cleaned and a suitable dressing is given. The aptient reports the next day with absolutely no pain.Other Root Canls are also completed as planned. Sebsequently Posts are placed and crowns are fabricated.

Teeth Aligners For A Patient From the UK

German Aligners For A Patient From the UK A patient visits us from the UK for Improving her smile. Read More

Teeth Aligner for a student in UK Invisible Aligners-Student from U.K. A student from  the U.K comes down on a holiday to India. His mother undergoes implants at our clinic. After experiencing the scientifc approach in his mother's dental treatment,he decides to correct his crooked teeth with our in-house invisible Aligners. The patient goes back taking the entire stock of aligners for his treatment. The patient wears them in proper sequence. the treatment gets completed in six monthd flat. The results are outstanding and the patient is extremely happy.This saves a lot of time and money.