Teeth Aligners For A Patient From the UK

German Aligners For A Patient From the UK A patient visits us from the UK for Improving her smile. Read More

Dr. Ashish Shah

Teeth Aligner for a student in UK Invisible Aligners-Student from U.K. A student from  the U.K comes down on a holiday to India. His mother undergoes implants at our clinic. After experiencing the scientifc approach in his mother's dental treatment,he decides to correct his crooked teeth with our in-house invisible Aligners. The patient goes back taking the entire stock of aligners for his treatment. The patient wears them in proper sequence. the treatment gets completed in six monthd flat. The results are outstanding and the patient is extremely happy.This saves a lot of time and money.

Dr. Ashish Shah

70 yrs Young Female - Invisible Aligners A 70 year young female visits us with a complaint of flared teeth.  The gaps between the teeth caused food accumulation. This required the use of toothpick after every meal. She didn't wish to undergo dental braces due to social reasons and wanted a painfree, easy to maintain treatment option. After a thorough consultation it was unanimously decided to start with Aligner Treatment from A Aligners. Nearly Invisible, most comfortable for daily lifestyle, removable and easy to maintain good oral hygiene are what make clear aligners a great alternative to traditional braces. Great results were achieved at the end of the treatment.

Dr. Ashish Shah

Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces in South Mumbai

As can be seen an adult female of 47 years is treated with Lingual Braces i.e.Braces specially designed to fix inner side of your teeth.The results are fantastic .This type of Braces are ideal for adults who are quite conscious of wearing Braces in their adult life. Cosmetic Dentist In Mumbai Dental Braces In Mumbai Invisible Braces In Mumbai Orthodontist In Mumbai

Invisible Aligners