Dr.Ashish Shah

Replacing Missing Teeth in Posterior Region of Upper Jaw with Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus Lift Procedure A patient visits with missing teeth in the posterior region of the upper jaw He was told that he could not get fixed teeth as there was an insufficient bone to place Dental Implants. He was thus wearing a Partial Denture. Lateral Sinus Lift Surgery was done to create bone in the said region. 2 separate openings ensured maximum bone augmentation with minimum trauma. PRF. PRGF. A-PRF was created from the patient's own blood and a Sticky Bone was created. This Bio-Engineering helped produce an excellent quality natural bone in a short period of time.

Dr. Ashish Shah

Correct Faulty Dentistry with Dental Implants

An elegant 70-year-old reports to the clinic with a complaint of repeated swellings and pain. On examination, it found she has a lot of faulty dentistry done before. This has lead to a lot of Gum problems. She undergoes multiple extractions and Immediate Loading Dental Implants, She is treated with a CADCAM Provisional set of teeth and the results are self-explanatory.

Dr. Ashish Shah

Dental Implants for Perfect Bite Rehabilitation

Immediate Loading Dental implants A female patient reports severe bleeding from gums. On examination she has multiple loose teeth as supporting bone around the teeth is destroyed. A careful analysis is done along with the help of Full Mouth Scans, pictures, and the latest IntraOral 3D Scanner from 3Shape. She is treated with Immediate loading Implants and provisionals are fixed the very next day.

Dr. Ashish Shah

Full Arch Teeth on Just 4 Implants [Malo Bridge on All On 4 Implants]

A patient use to visit us on multiple occasions for various complains. On multiple occasions his teeth were extracted and implants suggested.Unfortunately he did not undergo the procedure as he was a little scared.We settled for a removable denture. Ultimately after 3-4 years he agreed for  afull jaw treatment with implants. An All On 4 Implant procedure was sone and an immediate fixed  Hybrid Denture was fixed with Screws. After the hwaling phase A Malo Bridge made of Zircon Cad Cam Bridge was fabricated.