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It’s important that you know more about us and our way of treatment as this will help in relieving the anxiety in your mind and help you make a correct decision.
India has gained popularity as a hub for Medical and Dental Services. With highly qualified Doctors and low treatment cost, we offer world class treatments at extremely competitive prices. Dentistry is ideally positioned as it involves no recuperative stay in a hospital. The appointments can be flexible, scheduled in between sightseeing and shopping at patient’s own convenience. Besides the cost benefit, it allows you to have a holiday virtually free.

Centre For Advanced Dentistry was established by Dr.Ashish Shah & his wife Dr.Ritu Shah with the aim of providing High Standards Of Oral Health Care. The Centre is situated in Downtown Mumbai and has many international referrals.

Patient care is utmost in the minds of the Doctors and their team along with the emphasis on latest technology, Immaculate Sterilisation and Excellent Time Management..The staff is extremely courteous, friendly and responsive.
This ensures a pleasing treatment experience.The Centre has On Call Anaesthetist with multiple which multiple treatments are completed in a single visit while the patient just snoozes their way through the entire treatment! Excellent laboratory support ensures quick delivery of prosthesis of high precision in record time. This is highly appreciated by our overseas patients.
Over the last couple of years, the Centre has built up infrastructure to deal with large groups and families. Multiple Operatories make it possible for entire families to be treated simultaneously.
The practice specializes in Different Implant Procedures including Immediate Loading protocol like ALL ON 4/6, Cosmetic Dentistry like Ceramic Laminates. Full Mouth Reconstruction to name a few along with routine Dental Procedures.
Today Safety is on everyone’s mind, so we want you to know about our Infection Control and Sterilisation procedures.While these procedures are not new to our office, we have upgraded ourselves as new guidelines have become available from Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], the Environmental Protection Agency[EPA] and Centre For Disease Control[CDC].

Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety.and for you to feel comfortable that the said procedures are being routinely performed.
All of us at the practice realise that each patient has individual expectations, aspirations, fears and concerns, and these together with modern dental techniques should determine most appropriate treatment.

We spend considerable time making sure that you know exactly what treatment we recommend, why we feel it is necessary, how long will it take, how much will it cost and most importantly the benefits you would feel and notice when it is completed.

We want you to understand that



We are one of the very few Dental Practices which publish our work online on a regular basis. You can view our work on our site helps you to know the kind of experience and calibre of Doctors you are going to be dealing with!


Please feel free to contact us with your query and we would be glad to be of service.

They say good health is priceless. At our Centre For Advanced Dentistry though, getting fit and fab, relaxed and radiant comes at a price. A price that you’ll find really low for the outstanding expertise and quality of treatments you’ll receive.

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