Evaluate Your Smile


My Story

I always liked an aunt of mine.She was old but very sweet and pleasing.She had a magnetic personality because of which everyone liked her.I still remember her beautiful well-aligned smile.The moment she spoke we all listened and agreed to what she said!

This is the power of a perfect smile.Very few are blessed with that perfect Smile, but now you can also have that magnetic smile that pleases everyone around.That’s the power of Cosmetic Dentistry.

We at our Centre Evaluate your Smile with many parameters .ths helps us in designing a Smile Of Your Dreams.

We request you to do self-evaluation to know whether you can benefit from Smile Designing.



1. Do you like the way your teeth look? Yes ( ) No ( )
Explain: ____________________________________________________
2. Are you happy with the color of your teeth? Yes ( ) No ( )
3. Would you like for your teeth to be whiter? Yes ( ) No ( )
4. Would you like your teeth to be straighter? Yes ( ) No ( )
Explain: ____________________________________________________
5. Do you have spaces between your teeth that you would like closed?
Yes ( ) No ( )
If so, Upper ____ Lower ____ Both ____ ?
6. Would you like your teeth to be longer? Yes ( ) No ( )
Explain: ____________________________________________________
7. Do you like the shape of your teeth? Yes ( ) No ( )
Explain: ____________________________________________________
8. Do you have missing teeth that you would like replaced? Yes ( ) No (
Explain: ____________________________________________________
9. Do you have old silver fillings that you would like to be replaced with toothcolored
fillings? Yes ( ) No ( )
10. If you could change anything about your smile, what would you change?

Science Behind The Smile

there is an exact science behind creating a perfect Smile

The ten commandments suggested herein are as follows: 1

1st) Smile arc – Maxillary incisors in vertical position;

2nd) Maxillary central incisors ratio and symmetry;

Limits of esthetic acceptability of incisal and gingival asymmetry in the esthetic zone: A) 0.5 mm1; B) 1.0 mm1; C) 2.0 mm17; D) from 1.5 to 2.0 mm11,14; and E) from 1.5 to 2.0 mm16.

3rd) Anterosuperior teeth ratio;

4th) Presence of anterosuperior space;

5th) Gingival design;

6th) Levels of gingival exposure;

7th) Buccal corridor;

8th) Midline and tooth angulation;

9th) Details – Tooth colour and anatomical shape;

10th) Lip volume.


Your Smile should be evaluated on all these parameters and a customised Smile Designing should be done.

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