First Consultation

Dr. Ashish Shah

Shouldn’t you know everything about your Dental Treatment right at the beginning?

The First Consultation at our Clinic will be like nothing you have ever experienced.It begins with a systematic process to guide you to your treatment goals.


Step 1

A detailed report of your Medical and Dental History will be made including your personal details.We will also be registering regular medicines you may be taking along with allergies to any.


Step 2

A detailed Examination will be done and all the details will be marked on your Dental Chart.


Step 3

A series of Photographs and Xrays of your teeth will be made.This is great as you will be able to see your teeth condition on a large computer monitor.


Step 4

Your condition will be diagnosed and a line of treatment decided.In cases where multiple treatments are required further records like Study Model Impressions/Scans will be obtained


Step 5

After collecting all the necessary information a Detailed Treatment plan will be presented.All the procedures will be explained with the help of Customised Audio-Visual Tutorials and Printed Catalogues.The Treatment Plan will cover the Treatment Required, Options you have, Cost Involved, Time Required including the Risk Involved if any.


Step 6

Once Treatment plans are finalised appointments will be scheduled. you are on your way to a healthier, better looking and confident version of yourself.

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