Immediate Implant in Upper Molar

A patient visits us with a broken upper molar. After careful evaluation, she undergoes a Non-traumatic extraction followed with Immediate Implantation with Bone Augmentation and customised gingiva former. Important points in this case was

1] Atraumatic extraction ….preserving the remaining bone.

2] Bone expansion rather than bone drilling with special expanders.

3] Bone Augmentation to fill the huge gap of extraction site

4] Customised Gingiva [Gum] Former so as to avoid second stage surgery to expose the implant and to achieve a great emergence profile. This is extremely helpful for patients

living out of India and visiting us for a short period.This saves a lot of healing time and a second stage surgery.

The patient will get the crown in her next visit which will be after 2 1/2 to 3 months.

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