Bio Engineering In Dentistry Helps You generate Your Own Tissues ! Dentist In Mumbai ,India

The current trend in Implantology is using your own blood to aid in generating your own tissues like Bone ,Gums.Connective Tissue.

Also Dentistry has become Prosthetic driven in the sense How to Replace a Tooth is decided before extracting a tooth!! Bone surrounding the Extracted Tooth Collapses [Resorbs]once a tooth is extracted as it fails to give the necessary stimuli for bone remodelling. So all the efforts are made to preserve bone after extraction. This helps to provide bulk of bone needed to place a successfull Implant.

A case below shows how Growth factors are separated from patients Blood to aid in Socket Preservation after extraction. This helps in Bone formation which is the most important criteria for Implant Placement.

Dr. Ashish