Dental Implants

Full Mouth Treatment of Worn Out Teeth with Veneers & Implants

A patient from Bangkok visits us for Dental Opinion.

He has Decayed, Worn Out Teeth.

His Bite has collapsed due to the attrition of teeth.

A complete examination was done and all the related dat records were collected.

The records collected were: Full Mouth Pictures, X-Rays, Intra Oral Scans with Stae of the art; 3Sahape Intra Oral Scanner, CT Scan [CBCT] of the jaws, etc.

The patient was again called for Final consultation.

Multiple treatment options were explained and the best plan was finalized.

Based on the principles of DIGITAL SMILE DESIGNING, his entire mouth was treated.

He underwent Implants, Root Canals, and Veneers in the shortest time possible.

Please visit as he shares his experience on our YouTube channel.