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Dr. Ashish Shah

Repairing Old Worn Out Veneers

A patient visits us with a complaint of faulty restorations. These restorations were creating an uneven smile. The patient was evaluated on Principles Of Digital Smile Designing[DSD] In this, a mock-up smile was fabricated first to see the results before actually doing the final Veneers. After being satisfactory the Mock-Up was converted into beautiful EMax Veneers. The results as expected were stunning and the patient was extremely pleased. A WELL PLANNED CASE along with the full cooperation of patients helped us to create a Wonderful & Natural Smile.

Dr. Ashish Shah

Correcting old Veneers with Digital Planning !

A young girl reported with gaps in between her teeth. She was a shy girl and highly conscious to smile. She was treated on the Principles of Digital Smile Designing. Ceramic Veneers were done on her front  6 teeth. The entire procedure was completed in 2 visits The result was fantastic. Not only her looks changed but also her personality. Treatment planning included taking into consideration 1]Her Personality 2]Facial Profile 3]Intra Oral and Extra Oral Photographs were taken to evaluate her Lip Line, Smile Line, Teeth Position, Bite Etc. 4]Recording her Centric Relation 5]Face Bow Transfer was done to record the TMJ hinge Axis 6]3D Scanning was done using State Of The ART 3Shape Scanner A Digital Plan was devised and a mock-up was tried in her mouth. She was shown her proposed look before starting the treatment The treatment went as envisaged. From a shy introvert personality, she is now a Confident girl with a Radiating Smile.

Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic Veneers for Worn Out Dentition !

An elegant lady visits us with pain in one of her teeth. She is treated with Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment in one of her molars. On  examination, it was found  she had 1Irregular teeth 2]Decay around existing old fillings 3]Bulky and Ill-fitting caps 4]Decayed Teeth requiring Root Canal Treatment A diagnostic Scan was made with the state of the art 3Shape Intraoral Scanner Models were  3D printed from the scan. A virtual Smile Designing was done using Digital Smile Designing Principles. A computer-simulated picture was created using the state of the art smile designing software. She is an evolved lady who decides to improve whatever was faulty due to her previous Dental Treatment. She understands and willingly cooperates to all our suggestions. She is treated with multiple ceramic veneers and helps us create what is called a Hollywood Smile.  

Smile Designing in Mumbai

A patient from the UK was treated with Dental Ceramic Veneer to enhance her smile. The entire process was completed in 2 visits spread over 5 Days. Read More