Full Mouth Rehabilitation With Implants In Mumbai

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants is done for an 83-year-old Lady. She is highly soft-spoken and intelligent. She is made to understand the problems associated with her teeth. After understanding, she agrees to undergo the treatment with full faith. She surrenders entirely to our approach. Implants are one of the best modalities for replacing missing teeth. The Teeth are all made from very high strength Zirconia. The results are just stunning.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery is revolutionizing the way Implants are done in the mouth. The Procedure is done with Minimum Invasions; that is flapless with a kind of Keyhole Surgery. There are No Sutures given. There is Minimum Bleeding or surgical trauma as the whole procedure is extremely conservative, Implant Positions are determined pre-operatively by the use of highly advanced software.CT Scans and 3D Intra Oral Scanning are done with 3 Shape Intra Oral Scanner. A  3D Surgical Stent is created to determine the exact positions of the Implants. A Specialized  Computer-Guided Kit is used to carry out the procedure. This results in almost uneventful healing. A lady is fed up with her partial Denture. She was finding it very difficult to chew with her old Dentures, The Dentures were loose and unstable.  After a thorough examination, it was decided to carry out all 5 Implants Digitally with Computer-Guided Implant Protocols. The results were very satisfying. There was no swelling or pain. This resulted in the patient going back to work the very next day.

Replacement of Fractured Teeth with Immediate Implants

A patient aged 42 years came with fractured front teeth . She was embarrassed and wanted replacement of fractured teeth immediately.  After thorough evaluation; Immediate Implants along with Computer Designed (CAD-CAM) provisional teeth protocol was adapted. Careful atraumatic extractions with specialized instruments was done. This was followed by immediate implants. Patients own blood was drawn to fabricate PRF membranes and growth factors were extracted. This, was mixed with artificial bone to create Sticky Bone.  Computer designed teeth were immediately fixed on the implants. The patient was extremely happy and satisfied. Immediate implantation along with immediate loading (teeth) is a regular procedure at Dr. Ashish Shah & Associates.             

Treating Gaps with Emax Veneer

Treating Gaps In between Teeth with Emax Veneers Emax Veneers were the obvious choice for a lady who visits us with a complaint of gaps between her teeth. She was extremely unhappy with her smile. She informed us that she was reluctant to smile fully. She was treated on principles of  Digital Smile Designing. Emax veneers are thin pieces of porcelain which are placed over the top of your real teeth. A bit like a fake nail that is placed over your fingernails, but a lot stronger! They are usually suitable for patients who have straight teeth and are looking to change the shape and size of their teeth. These veneers are also a stronger and more durable material that is more difficult to chip off. Finally, eMax veneers gives you a more realistic appearance as most of the traditional porcelains are opaque, which can make them seem dull in comparison to natural teeth. There is no metal, and the light passing through the porcelain behaves very similarly to light passing through a natural tooth. And, Emax is 4 times stronger than the porcelain used in PFM crowns, decreasing the risk of a patient breaking the crown while eating a normal diet Emax Veneers are the Gold Standard in these situations. Her Simulated After Smile was designed and shown to her before actually doing the veneers. The DSD technology and our years of experience helped us to achieve a gorgeous smile. She was treated with Emax Veneers; the best in its class and the pictures say it all.