Full Arch Teeth on Just 4 Implants [Malo Bridge on All On 4 Implants]

A patient use to visit us on multiple occasions for various complains. On multiple occasions his teeth were extracted and implants suggested.Unfortunately he did not undergo the procedure as he was a little scared.We settled for a removable denture. Ultimately after 3-4 years he agreed for  afull jaw treatment with implants. An All On 4 Implant procedure was sone and an immediate fixed  Hybrid Denture was fixed with Screws. After the hwaling phase A Malo Bridge made of Zircon Cad Cam Bridge was fabricated.    

Treatment of Worn Out Teeth

A patient is just accompning his wife for Dental Treatment.On his wife's insistance he agrees to undergo a routine Dental Check Up. On examination it is found that he has severe attrition .He is explained the need for an full mouth rehabilitation and he willingly undergoes the same. We are extremely pleased at the final outcome. His teeth which were not seen earlier are now seen with most natural shade selected.

Enhance Your Smile !

A patient from the U.S came down for dental treatment with her sister in 2006. Needless to say, she was quite happy with the way she got treated. She came back after 14 years when she required major work to be done. She had dental decay and stains in her upper front teeth and some moblity was seen in amny of her teeth. She stayed at our Service Apartment and underwent few Immediate Loading Implants Implants and Anterior Ceramic Veneers and the results as seen are just fantastic.She is now our US representative and runs. www.indiandentalvacations.com in collaboration with us from the US.

All On 4 Implants-Removable Denture To Fixed Teeth In A Day

All On 4 Implants treatment was used to replace patients existing  Removable Partial Denture with Fixed Teeth. The entire treatment was completed in 24 hrs! Yes his entire upper teeth were replaced with  Teeth In A Day. Read More

Teeth In A Day With Implants

Teeth In A Day Dental Implants have changed the way teeth are replaced. More and more patients are benefiting from enhanced techniques like ALL ON 4. Read More

Single Visit Teeth Whitening

Marriage season is in full swing. Everybody wants to look at their best.Bleaching or Teeth Whitening is one of the most non invasive ways to brighten your smile.Its done with a specialised machine which becomes the Lght Source.Its also erroneously called the Laser Bleach. The treatment takes about 45-60  minutes and is completely Painfree.

Teeth Whitening in 45 Minutes -In Mumbai

Teeth Whitening in 45 Minutes! Mumbai Diaries: A young girl comes from London to attend a wedding in Mumbai. She is really excited about meeting all her relatives and friends. Read More

All on 4 Implant Treatment

A lady comes with highly mutilated teeth with faulty Dentistry on all her teeth. Read More

Single Visit Teeth Whitening

A patient visited us with a complain of pain in her lowwer molar. She was treated for a Root Canal Treatment.While she had to come for a crown she also asked us to finish other treatments. She was treated for few cavities with cosmetic restorations.Her Teeth were quite yellow and she didn't like her teeth shade.She was treated with a Single Visit Laser or correctly called Professional Teeth Whitening.

Dental Implants in Mumbai

Dental Implants in Mumbai A person looks for Dental Implants in Mumbai Read More