Full Mouth Treatment of Worn Out Teeth with Implants & Veneers

Restoring A Faulty Smile with Veneers Results in Restoring Confidence

A lady visits us from the UK. She has irregularly aligned teeth. There are also gaps in between her teeth.  She is evaluated on the principles of DSD ( Digital Smile Designing) A comprehensive smile design is virtually done. She is delighted to envision her perfect smile simulation without actually undergoing any treatment.  Her treatment is completed in just 3 visits, within a span of one week interspersed with a short holiday to Goa.  Her results are stunning. She is extremely happy which can be seen in her Testimony. 

Immediate Replacement of Fractured Teeth With Implants

A lady reports with fracture of her front teeth. She is highly conscious as expected. Previously she had undergone an Implant and crown at another  Dental Clinic but the treatment had failed. Her Fractured and Decayed Teeth are removed and replaced Immediately with Implants and Provisional Teeth. She is also advised to undergo posterior teeth replacement.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants

A patient reports for replacement of a few missing teeth. On Examination it was found : 1]Posterior teeth were fractured and missing. 2]Anterior teeth were mobile. 3]Patient was chewing only with the front teeth. A thorough examination was done with Extra Oral Photographs, Intra Oral Photographs, CBCT Scan, 3D Scan with 3 Shape Scanner.OPG Scan, Various measurements like Vertical Dimensions, Smile Line, etc. A treatment plan was devised based on the principles of DSD[ Digital Smile Designing]. Digital technology was used to determine the final positions and look of  Smile before actually doing it in the patient mouth. The surgery was done in just 2 visits, one for each jaw.[UPPER & LOWER]