Dr. Ashish Shah

Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery is revolutionizing the way Implants are done in the mouth.

The Procedure is done with Minimum Invasions; that is flapless with a kind of Keyhole Surgery.

There are No Sutures given.

There is Minimum Bleeding or surgical trauma as the whole procedure is extremely conservative,

Implant Positions are determined pre-operatively by the use of highly advanced software.CT Scans and 3D Intra Oral Scanning are done with 3 Shape Intra Oral Scanner.

3D Surgical Stent is created to determine the exact positions of the Implants.

A Specialized  Computer-Guided Kit is used to carry out the procedure.

This results in almost uneventful healing.

A lady is fed up with her partial Denture. She was finding it very difficult to chew with her old Dentures, The Dentures were loose and unstable. 

After a thorough examination, it was decided to carry out all 5 Implants Digitally with Computer-Guided Implant Protocols.

The results were very satisfying. There was no swelling or pain. This resulted in the patient going back to work the very next day.