Dental Veneers [Single Visit] in Mumbai

Teeth Veneers by Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai

A lady comes from San Francisco to improve her smile.Her husband is extremely encouraging and together they decide to undergo Smile Makeover with readily made Veneers made of Composite Resin. Thes are thin Veneers come in different sizes and translucencies and have to be customised by the Dentist in the patient’s mouth.It takes about an hour and a half and results are satisfactory.The gap between her lower front teeth is closed and her tongue thrusting habit which led to lisping in her speech is also corrected.The entire treatment is completed in 2 visits of 2 hrs each spread over 2 days.The patient and her family are extremely happy and so are we.Nothing more gratifying than a happy satisfied patient.She claims to have found The # Cosmetic Dentist In South Mumbai for Teeth Veneers.

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