Dr. Ashish Shah

Repair Your Faulty Restorations !

DSD [Digital Smile Designing] is the latest protocols by which a Smile is designed by the Dentist.

A young girl was highly conscious of her broken Teeth. The teeth also had gaps and were twisted. She underwent treatment based on DSD and the results are truly Life-Changing.

A comprehensive Dental Examination is done.

This includes:

1]Detailed CHARTING of her teeth and gum conditions

2]Intra Oral and Extra Oral Landmarks like Smile Line, the position of the frenum and other hard and soft tissues.

3]Intra Oral and Extra Oral Scanning with highly advanced 3Shape Scanner

4]Intra and Extra Oral Photographs and Video

5]Centric Relation and Face Bow Records

The case is carefully designed on study models and a MOCKUP is tried in her mouth with provisional material like ProTemp.

In simple words the technology allows us to try a blueprint of the prosthesis before actually doing in your mouth!

She had a lot of infection in her teeth and was treated with Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment. Her broken teeth were built up and positions and rotations of her teeth were corrected with state of the art Ceramic Self Ligating Braces.

She then underwent the final phase of DSD with Ceramic Veneers.