Treatment Of Worn Out Teeth-Smile Design

A lady comes to us for pain in her molar tooth.She is also quite conscious of her Smile.She realises that her teeth are not seen when she smiles. This gives her an appearance of an elderly woman with missing teeth. She is informed about her worn out teeth.She undergoes a thorough analysis of her TMJ, Facial Profile, Occlusion and of course individual teeth.All records are obtained including FaceBow Transfer and her bite is established /registered with Anterior Deprogrammer[LUCIA JIG].Once the Centric Relation is registered a Mock Up is done and Her Collapsed Bite is raised.The tentative outcome is checked with Provisional Restorations.Once the findings are found satisfactory the treatment is carried out in the mouth and the result as seen is highly stable increased Vertical Dimension and her smile are established.The important consideration was not just to have a Pleasing Smile but to increase the height of worn out teeth without creating stress on Temporomandibular Joint i.e.BALANCED OCCLUSION.

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